We Recommend Partnering with A Geriatric Care Manager

One of the most common fears that new clients have is that they personally cannot oversee their parents care. A good GCM , local to your parents can help alleviate those fears and be your eyes and ears to ensure that your parents are being well cared for.

Why Use A GCM?

Local Eyes and Ears

There is nothing like having a trusted set of eyes and ears on the ground local to your parents. Someone trained in geriatric care and experienced in navigating the local landscape of senior resources and options.

Discuss Difficult Topics

Few of us ever thought that we would need to parent our parents one day, but here we are. This is foreign territory for both of you. A GCM is skilled at aiding families with difficult conversations to gain cooperation.

Assess and Monitor

GCMs are specially trained to assess, plan, coordinate, and monitor services for seniors. They can do regular home visits, check up on how your live-in is doing with your parent(s) care and flag you if your parent's needs change.

Handle Emergencies

"What happens if...?" Is a question that a GCM knows the answers too, and can help with trusted local resources. You never have to worry about not being there to manage an emergency, when you have a GCM to work with.


Can they help us choose one of your candidates? 
Absolutely. At your directive, we can schedule the candidates to meet with the GCM for an interview alone or with your parent(s) at their home or the rehab. 
How can they help us with a private hire live-in from Grandma Joan’s service?
A GCM can do an intial assessment of your parent(s) situation and write up a care plan. The live-in would follow the care plan and the GCM can monitor the situation with home visits, and report back to to you about any red flags or concerns. 
How much do they charge? 
GCM’s charge a set hourly rate for most of their services, but may have a flat fee for certain services. Their hourly rates vary widely depending on their location and experience.
Can they help even when home care is no longer an option? 
Yes. If the situation changes and home care is no longer the best option, then they can help you and your parent(s) navigate through the change to the next phase of your parents care, including reviewing their options and helping with placement in a care facility.