Payroll Estimate

Payroll Estimate – Find out how much it will cost in payroll to hire a private live-in, legally and on the books. The estimate includes the live-in’s pay according to state and federal labor law, all of your payroll taxes, and an optional payroll service to handle all of your employment obligations.

Less Cost Than A Home-Care Agency.

A privately hired live-in cost about half of the price of what an agency charges for 24-hour coverage. A live-in cost about the same as what people pay a local home-care agency to staff 8-12 hours of daily care for, but the live-in is there and on-call for up to 24 hours.

More Care Than A Nursing Home.

It is estimated that Assisted Living complexes have 1 caregiver for every 25+ residents to share at any given moment. Nursing homes are a little better, at an estimated one caregiver to 15 residents. Live-in is a premium service at a 1 caregiver to 1 care recipient ratio, and in most states is less expensive than a nursing home.

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