We Offer Strategic Partnerships with Home-Care Agencies.

Your agency invests thousands in marketing for new client acquisitions. Inevitably, you catch care-seekers in your marketing net who either seek live-in care services that you do not offer or they cannot afford the 24-hour per day Hourly Caregiver Services that you do offer. Grandma Joan offers a solution to help you profit from these unconvertible leads.

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Your marketing net catches our clients

Live-in care has gone from the sweetheart of the private duty industry to the profit graveyard. Since the 2015 FLSA “Final Rule” took effect, nearly 70% of all home-care agencies have dropped live-in care as a service offered anymore. 


Let us reimburse you for your lost $

Earn a Piece of the Direct-hire Pie

Make Profit From Leads That
You Capture But Can't Service.

We can help agencies that don’t offer live-in care to profit from live-in leads in two ways:

Instantly Increase Your Bottom Line

Unable to fulfill a live-in care request? Refer the client to Grandma Joan, and if they choose our services, receive a generous marketing reimbursement check. Use this check to fund new marketing efforts for hourly clients or any other purpose. No strings attached.

Convert Dead-end Leads Into a Revenue Stream.

Once a family signs with us, they often need to cover the live-in caregiver's scheduled time off each week, typically 12-24 hours. That equates to between 52-104 billable hours per month, stemming from a lead you initially couldn't service. Can your business afford to pass up on these opportunities in today's oversaturated senior care market?

We help agencies increase their bottom lines by:

1. Contributing thousands towards their marketing budgets.

2. Helping to convert an un-serviceable lead into a monthly revenue stream.

Pre-Qualify Referrals


Non-medical. ADL/IADLs. Memory care and companionship. One person assist transfers.


Wants 6+ days per week of live-in care coverage for two+ months. Has minimal overnight needs. 


Has a monthly private pay budget of $10k+. (Higher in NY/CA)


Has a spare furnished guestroom. The care recipient is amenable to the idea.