Live-in Care Costs

Less Cost than a Home-care Agency, More Care than a Nursing Home.

Live-in Care Costs: Imagine that your parents are living in the the comfort of their own home , with a private , full time, one-on-one nurse’s aide, for less than the cost of a nursing home, and half the cost of 24/7 homecare! 


Stroke. Dementia. Parkinsons.

We help you do this for a onetime consulting and recruiter fee, that is a fraction of the cost of having the same service done by an employment agency or recruiter.

50% of the cost of two 12-hour shifts.

24hr Private Live-in:

Monthly Cost

Average $8.5k-$9.5k Month

Single care recipient that lives alone / memory-care / hands-on ADL help / 12-24 hrs respite per week


Payroll includes the live-ins pay, payroll taxes, and a payroll service to handle all of your employer payroll obligations. They can even offer HR support.

Workers Comp

Workers comp insurance is not required in most states for household employees, but it is always recommended for peace of mind. It is based on a % of payroll , and varies by state. The average cost is $208 a month.


Generally, live-in positions include all meals. Families may choose to have the live-in do all of the food-shopping, or ask them for a grocery shopping list and take care of it themselves or through a supermarket's home-delivery service.

Respite Coverage (Optional)

All live-ins need time off to recharge. The average is 12+ hours a week. IF the care recipient cant be left alone, and the family can't cover it, then they will likely hire a local home-care agency to cover it. The average cost, based on $27 hour. (12 hrs x $29 x 52 weeks / 12 months)= $1,508

Care Manager (Optional)

Many families hire a care-manager who is local to the care-recipient to assess and monitor the situation. They can advise on local senior-care resources and be your eyes and ears with regular home-visits and reports. They offer an invaluable service especially if you don't live near the care recipient.

In most cases, we can help refer you to a home-care agency for respite, an insurance agent for worker's comp insurance, or a care manager to help oversee the process. Call us at 888-250-2631 to find out more.

Considering a Nursing Home?

Nursing Homes

Average 100 sq ft of private space, or just 80 sq ft if a shared bedroom*

National average cost for a private room (10’x10′) in 2023 was $116,796.

* Federal Regulations (483.70) Section (1) requires the bedrooms to: accommodate no more than four residents; measure at least 80 sq. feet per resident in multiple bed rooms and 100 sq. feet in single rooms; have direct access to exit corridor; be designed or equipped to assure full visual privacy for each resident; have ceiling suspended curtains, which extend around the bed in facilities certified after March 31, 1992; have at least one window to the outside; and have a floor at or above grade level.

Live-in Care Costs
Cost of care 2024

The average nursing home in the US cost $9,733 a month in 2024, for a single care-recipient. That’s for a small room with little personal space, and always waiting for help to come to your room to do anything.

The average home-care agency rate for 24/7 help at home was $24,090 a month in 2024. That’s for 4-6 different caregivers, coming and going on rotating shifts.

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