"Since one of the most common fears of patients is the fear of dying alone, hospice generally recommends someone be there continuously".

Using a Live-in to Assist with Hospice

If a care recipient decides to receive hospice at home, and needs supplemental care, then a private live-in caregiver may be the perfect solution.

They help one on one, up to 16 hours each day, and then sleep over each night in case of an emergency. Always there care, when it is needed most.

Many families are justifiably uncomfortable helping their parent with hands on personal care, (like toileting, transferring, or bathing). The hospice can provide an aide to help with these ADLs, but for only a short daily visit (typically less than 2 hours).

A hospice experienced live-in can lovingly cover the remaining hours from morning to bedtime, so that you don’t have to worry about them when the hospice aide is not there.

A live-in caregiver can be an invaluable part of your hospice team to help ensure that your loved one is kept as comfortable and well cared for as possible while at home.

Learn more about how a private live-in may be able to assist your family with a ADL / memory care and companionship during a hospice situation.


Hospice Assist Program One-on-One Attention

When family and friends can't be there 24/7,
we can help recruit you a live-in who can.

Live-in Care Basics

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