Meet the Founder:


The Nation's Live-in Care Expert

David Petroski is the Founder of Grandma Joan. He is a Human Resource Specialist that has helped staff over 20 million dollars in household payroll. He has helped hundreds of families across the country safely navigate the challenges of the consumer-directed live-in care market. 

David’s work has helped Grandma Joan earn five national awards of recognition in the senior-care industry. He has been working in senior care since 2010, when he started a home-care agency in Montclair NJ. 

David has been an expert panelist for CPE-accredited webinars educating hundreds of senior-care industry professionals about private-hire live-in care. He is a Certified Senior Advisor (CSA)®, and has been interviewed on radio and is quoted in the 2018 book Aging with Care. 

David lives in New Jersey with his wife Cathy, who is also in HR. They have three grown children: Danny, Sofi, and Blake.

Meet Magda Brzozka

Magda is our Senior HR Specialist and in charge of Client Care. She graduated from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. She has 15+ years of experience in the financial services industry hiring, training, managing and developing people, and completing projects. Her professional brand is about best-in-class client experience and excellent communication. She has a passion for helping and leading people.

Meet Bethany Adams

Bethany is an HR Specialist at Grandma Joan. Her professional experience involves interviewing and recruiting qualified professionals in the Healthcare industry. Bethany holds a BS Degree in Psychology with a cognate in counseling. Additionally, she is currently in the process of earning a Master's degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, with a focus on the treatment of trauma.


Meet Jacqueline Flaquer

Jacqueline is our Junior HR Specialist and Administrative Assistant. While working for TJX Companies Inc. in NY, she successfully held roles that involved interviewing, training and supervising personnel. She holds certifications in Customer Service, Office Administration, Microsoft Digital Literacy, DASA, Child Abuse and Maltreatment, Violence Prevention. Making others smile is her greatest reward.

About our Consulting and Recruiting Services

Premium Live-in Care Experts
Since 2010

Grandma Joan is an award-winning consulting and recruiter service that has been helping discerning families recruit, screen, and hire premium live-in caregivers since 2010.

We act as the family’s private 3rd party recruiters, finding and screening the top live-ins in the country for the care recipient’s specific needs.

We can refer the family to a household payroll specialist to get them set up with a turnkey payroll solution to pay the caregiver, following state and federal employment laws and workers comp requirements. 

In most states, the cost is about the same as a nursing home and half the cost of 24-hr coverage through an agency.

Some Facts About Us

  • Started off as a service of a state-licensed Home Care Agency, serving clients in Essex County NJ in 2010. 
  • In 2011, we opened our 3rd party recruiter service to clients in other states. 
  • By  2014, the service had grown so much, that it was launched as a stand-alone company and “Grandma Joan’s LLC” was created. 
  • BBB® Accredited Nationwide (A+ Rating)
  • Ranked in the Top 3% of companies that service the senior care marketplace in the US and Canada, out of 18,000 companies, for customer satisfaction by
  • Proud members of the Alzheimer Foundation of America®.
  • Honored in 2023 with the Aging Life Care Association’s coveted “Outstanding Corporate Partner Award” (ALCA).
  • The service is named after the founder’s mother, Joan Petroski, an RN for over 60 years who retired in 2019 at the age of 84!
  • We love helping people stay in their homes by helping them find and screen quality household employees to hire. 

Grandma Joan's Story

We started out as a state-licensed home care agency in 2010. Our Grandma Joan’s consulting and recruiting service was born from an exit survey with one of our original home care agency clients. He was distressed about the need to continue our professional live-in services for his mom. She was living alone and had Alzheimer’s; however, he was no longer able to afford our agency’s rates. It was from this client’s need that Grandma Joan LLC was born. We helped him find, screen, and contract with a qualified independent live-in, all for a one-time set-up fee. He paid the independent provider directly and on the books, cutting out our agency overhead. Grandma Joan’s household employee recruiter model was an overnight success, and within a year of its launch, we were getting referrals from across the country.

Photo Gallery

  1. With CEO of Aging Life Care Association, Julie Wagner in AZ
  2. With Founder and CEO of Senior Care Authority, Frank Samson in NV
  3. With Founder and CEO of Assisted Living Locators, Angela Olea in GA
  4. With the former Board President of ALCA , Taney Hamill in WA
  5. With Board President of ALCA, Anne Sansevero in CA