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Your Placement Service pays thousands in marketing costs for new client acquisitions. You inevitably catch care-seekers in your marketing net who are not interested in leaving their homes yet. 

Grandma Joan may have a solution that both helps the family in need AND compensates you for the lost marketing dollars spent on the acquisition of someone who you can’t service.

Sound interesting? Want to know more? View our eGuide below, and if you think that we may be a good resource for your home-care clients, then schedule a free consultation with us.

We work together with the best senior placement advisors in the country.

Your marketing net catches our clients

If your client needs intermittent help to stay living independent at home, we may be able to help.


Let us reimburse you for your lost $

Earn $ from your home-care leads

Profit From Home Care Leads That You Capture But Can't Service

We help placement services increase their bottom lines by:

1. Contributing thousands towards their marketing budgets.

2. Helping to convert an un-serviceable lead into a happy referral.

Curious about how it may work?

Grandma Joan is an affiliate member of the NPRA.