Live-in Caregivers

Live-In Care Jobs: Grandma Joans LLC is a private search firm that specializes in helping families find the best live-in candidates for their specific needs, to contract privately with. We are not a “co-employer” with the family. We don’t hire or employ any caregiver ourselves. We represent families as their private recruiters.

You must be legal to work and willing to be paid by employee paycheck with your taxes withheld for you. Our clients are private families, not companies or agencies. They negotiate the specific requirements of the contract with you, not us.


Core Requirements to Apply

1. Have strong live-in caregiver references from previous families that you lived with for months or years 5-7 days a week.

2. Be willing to relocate to wherever the client lives.

3. Have a minimum of 5+ years of memory-care /ADL experience.


Once you know what your gross wages will be (for example $1500 wk), then you can go to this website and see how much of your paycheck you will receive after the state and federal taxes are taken out. NET PAY is an estimate of what your take home $ will be after taxes.