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Your Home-Care Agency pays thousands in marketing costs for new client acquisitions. You inevitably catch care-seekers in your marketing net who require services that either you do not provide, or services that they need but can’t afford.

Grandma Joan may have a solution that both helps the family in need AND compensates you for the lost marketing dollars spent on the acquisition of someone who you can’t service.

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Your marketing net catches our clients

Live-in care has gone from the sweetheart of the private duty industry to the profit graveyard. Since the FLSA took effect, more than 60% of all home-care agencies have dropped live-in care as a service offered anymore. We get it. We owned a home care agency many years ago, before the FLSA profit bomb went off. 


Let us reimburse you for your lost $

Earn 16k-32k Per Referral to us

Make Profit From Leads That You Capture But Can't Service

Convert dead-end leads into a revenue stream

Refer the live-in lead to us and gain an ongoing revenue stream. Once a family signs with us, they will need to cover the live-ins scheduled time off each week. This is normally 12 to 24 hours every week. Our average client uses their live-in for 13 months. That’s between 624-1248 billable hours per client that you otherwise would have passed on. At $27 hour, that's 16k-32k per referral.

Increase your bottom line

Refer the live-in care leads to us, and if they become clients of ours, we will write you a large marketing reimbursement check. Use that check to pay for new marketing of hourly clients, or anything else you want to use it for. No strings attached.

Avoid caregiver lawsuits over the FLSA changes

Why have more than half of home-care agencies dropped live-in care as a service option since the 2015 changes in the FLSA? Scary to think that there are still agencies out there willing to risk employee lawsuits over the updated sleep-time pay rules from caregivers claiming that they did not get 5 continuous hrs of sleep most nights, and therefor are owed thousands in overtime pay.

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We help agencies increase their bottom lines by:

1. Contributing thousands towards their marketing budgets.

2. Helping to convert an un-serviceable lead into a monthly revenue stream.

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Referrals Need to Meet 3 Requirements

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They have a spare furnished bedroom

We only accept as clients, families that have a spare furnished bedroom for the live-in in their home. ​The candidates that we work with don't do couches, air mattresses or sleep in the same room as the care recipient.

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The live-in can sleep well most nights

We only accept as clients, families that report that the live-in will get 5-8 hours of sleep on most nights. If that is not an option, then they can use your agency to staff the 11pm to 7am shift so that the live-in can sleep.

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They have the means to pay $9k-$13k per month

Includes payroll, payroll taxes, workers compensation costs, and payroll/HR service. Assumes that the live-in gets an 8-hour sleep shift each night, and 12+ hours of respite each week. Note: Costs in CA range between 12k-16k, depending on where they live.