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Grandma Joan is an award-winning company that has been helping discerning families hire premium live-in caregivers on the private hire market, since 2010. We have helped household employers across the US hire more than $20,000,000 of annualized payroll. Nobody knows private-hire live-in care like we do.


But who could use our expertise once they find someone to hire.

Live-in Employer Consulting

Families can save thousands by finding a live-in caregiver to hire on their own, but can easily put ten-times that amount at risk, by not understanding the core tenets of how live-in positions work, both practically and under the federal labor regulations that govern domestic live-ins.  Grandma Joan has a solution. 

We have been advising families on the best practices of setting up privately hired, household live-in employees for over a decade.  We have the expertise to hold your hand and guide you in both setting things up correctly and providing ongoing support as unforeseen events arise. Instead of panic and fear, you can rest assured knowing that you have access to the nation’s live-in care experts. 


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Imagine having your own live-in care expert available to answer your questions.

Answers to FLSA Related Questions

  • What are the federal labor laws that are specific to us hiring a live-in? 
  • What hours are we required by law to pay them for?
  • Do we need to pay them even when they are resting?
  • How do nighttime hours work?
  • What if help is needed during their sleep-time?
  • Can they share a room with the care recipient?
  • Are we required to track their work hours?
  • How do live-in time-sheets work?
  • Do we need to have a written agreement, and if so, what needs to be included?

Answers to Practical Questions

  • Do we need to give the live-in caregiver daily breaks?
  • Can we pay them a flat salary?
  • Can we pay them as a 1099 contractor?
  • What is considered a good job offer to attract and retain someone of quality? Pay? Benefits? PTO? Vacation? 
  • How do most families handle their meals and food-shopping?
  • Can we deduct room and board from their pay?
  • What other costs should we know about?
  • Are we required to get a workers compensation policy?
  • Who is liable if they get hurt in our home?

Save Thousands

With Grandma Joan at your side, we can walk you through everything that you need to know to correctly structure and hire a live-in on your own allowing you to save thousands in agency fees.

Reduce Your Liabilities

We may be able to help you avoid the common pitfalls that families encounter and help translate the FLSA labor regulations that govern household employers of domestic workers.

Ongoing Support

After your live-in starts working for you, many questions will arise as your family and the live-in begin to experience situations that weren't previously discussed. Don't worry, we will be there to advise you for the entire contract period.

We help household employers by:

1. Answering practical questions about the ins-and-outs of private-hire live-ins.

2. Introducing clients to the federal labor laws that govern household employment of a domestic live-in, in layman's terms.

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Disclaimer: The information provided by our consulting service does not, and is not intended to, constitute legal advice; instead, all information, content, and materials are for general informational purposes only. Grandma Joan’s LLC is not a legal service provider and does not provide legal advice.