Care Managers

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Grandma Joan recruits and screens professional private-hire live-in caregivers who relocate to wherever the client lives. The family hires their favorite as a household employee.

HomePay takes care of the family’s employer obligations without work or worry to the family.

CareAcademy takes care of any needed training through state-approved online classes and videos.

You do the care assessment, monitor, and oversee the care plan for the family.

The Care-Recipient gets to STAY HOME with a fully screened, trained, and experienced caregiver for premium one-on-one help and companionship, as needed 24/7.

Watch: ALCA CEO Taney Hamill Interviews Grandma Joan Founder, David Petroski.

How Does it Work?

To learn more about our options for your clients, please see below for our eGuide.

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Partner With Us

Be Their Local Eyes and Ears

There is nothing like having a trusted set of eyes and ears on the ground local to the patient. Someone trained in geriatric care and experienced in navigating the local landscape of senior resources and options.

Discuss Difficult Topics

Few children ever thought that they would need to parent their parents one day. This is foreign territory for them. Use your skills at aiding families with difficult conversations to gain cooperation between those concerned

Assess and Monitor

You are specially trained to assess, plan, coordinate, and monitor services for seniors. You can do regular home visits, check up on how the live-in is doing with the client's care and flag them if their parent's needs change.

Handle Emergencies

"What happens if...?" Is a question that you know the answers too, and can help them with trusted local resources. They never have to worry about not being there to manage an emergency, when they have you to work with.

How does the referral process work with Grandma Joan?
When we have a client interested in exploring GCM services in tandem with using our private hire service, then we will contact a certified/licensed GCM local to the care recipient. If that GCM provides the required services then we provide our client with their contact information. If they contract with you, you are just performing your normal services except that we are providing them with the live-in candidates to consider for hire, instead of you.

When you have a client interested in our live-in care service, then you should call us to make sure that we can help with their specific needs. You can meet and interview any final candidate of ours before they meet the family to ensure that you are satisfied with them. You work for the client’s best interest, not ours.

What GCM services are needed?
It depends on the clients needs. Some clients may want you involved from the start for a professional care assessmemnt , assistance interviewing screened candidates, and others may only want monitoring / emergency services.

How is the live-in paid?
We refer our clients to HomePay, the nation’s household employer experts since 1992. Homepay takes care of the family’s employer obligations without work or worry to the family. The family pays HomePay, and HomePay pays the live-in. All rates quoted to families from us include all of their payroll taxes and HomePay’s fees.

How Does it Work?

Schedule a short phone consultation.

• Find out if live-in care is an option for your client’s care situation and location.

• Get an estimate of the monthly costs involved.

• Get your questions answered about how it works.